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LIHTC Market Faces “Mild Turbulence” Ahead

" The market has reset again in late 2017 and early 2018 following the passing of the tax reform bill, although the recent adjustment is more modest, he adds. Tax credits that were selling for $1.02 to $1.05 in the fall of 2016 now range between 87 and 92 cents." - National Real Estate Investor

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Elderly, disabled find affordable housing options scarce in Pinal County

"Demographic factors will ensure that this demand only increases. According to a report by the Joint Center for Housing studies of Harvard University, by 2035 the number of older households with a disability will increase by 76 percent to reach 31.2 million nationally..." - Casa Grande Dispatch

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The new federal tax law could slow down the construction of affordable housing. Here’s how.

"If the buyers of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits pay less for them, that will leave developers with greater funding gaps for their projects." - Nick Keppler, PublicSource  full article

Tax reform retains LIHTC and Historic Credits

"... the bill also cuts the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, which will inherently lower the value of both credits, and thus lead to fewer affordable housing units and renovated historic buildings " - Curbed

Here's how the tax bill will impact housing


"A large institutional investor said the conference committee has adopted the Senate's bid to preserve PABs..." - The Bond Buyer

Final tax bill will likely preserve private activity bonds


These tax credit programs were not created as some social welfare scheme. They were started by Republicans as a way to incentivize private business to participate in projects that serve a public good and to generate greater economic activity by enabling more development. -  Diana Lind, For the Philadelphia Citizen 

Tax reform looks like an attack on cities | Opinion


The House plan would damage the most important program for new affordable development, the federal low-income housing tax credit. - National Real Estate Investor

Proposed Tax Reform Threatens Affordable Housing